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Show Dates

*COMPLETE* January 20, 2017:

Heritage Banquet Hall, New West, BC

Link: https://www.evensi.ca/hiphop-4-street-saviours-outreach-society-ft-lil-debbie-heritage-banquet-hall/236052330

*COMPLETE* October 13th, 2017:

Peacock Bar & Grill, Surrey, BC

Video of performance: Click Here

*COMPLETE* September 23rd, 2017:

Blue Light Studios, Vancouver, BC

*COMPLETE* October 7th, 2017:

The Wolf Bar, Maple Ridge, BC

Official Releases

Album: "Jordan James"


First project from BC Underground rapper Jordan James with
producer KITA. Featuring 12 with a variety of styles from hard-hitting classic hip-hop to more personal songs of overcoming hardship. 

Released independently September 15, 2017


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Booking and Contact:

E-mail: jordanjameshiphop@gmail.com

E-mail: kita.music.productions@gmail.com

Phone: (778) 798-6520 (KITA)